Real Estate Agent Software Features

Reports allow easy access to important details. 9ae includes several powerful reports for your use.

Progress ReportSeller Progress Report

The progress report is sent to the seller to notify them of the activity that has taken place on their property. There are options to print a hard copy of the progress report or email it directly to the seller. This allows the seller to see important activity such as advertising, property inquiries, showings and feedback, and other activities that have been recorded.

Transaction ReportTransaction Report

The Transaction Report allows you to print out your own production report for review. A date range can be used for the closed properties that will appear and the current listings and pendings will also be present on the report.



Showing ReportShowings Report

All of the showings for the selected property that occurred within the selected date range will appear on the Showings Report. The date, time, showings agent, and feedback appear on the report to give a picture of how the property was received by potential buyers.


Contact Detail ReportContacts Detail Report

The Contact Detail Report prints a detailed record of the selected contact’s information, including profile, activity record, reminders, and marketing events.




Contact Summary ReportContacts Summary Report

A complete list of contacts by their origination date is printed through the Contact Summary Report. The contact name, type, source, phone numbers and email addresses are all shown on the report.